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Sometimes I wake up in the grip of an anxiety attack. Other times, I wake up unwilling to do anything because I remember how it felt like to be in pain and I keep playing those memories over and over in my mind. Sometimes, I just feel anger and rage. Sometimes shame. I’m not where I should be.

When I feel this way, it can be hard to remember my goals or my dreams. It is more comfortable to wallow and blame other people, the country, myself.

I mean, why didn’t I buy Bitcoin earlier? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Why was I in primary school getting an education when I should have started working and saving and investing? 🙄

And then I remember something. The past does NOT matter. I’m not looking at the past and you shouldn’t either. I’m looking toward my goals. I’m trying to make my present better for me. More comfortable. And past experiences & present anxiety doesn’t bring me any further. It just hurts.

Stop looking at the past. Set goals for your future. Visualize it. What do you want to do? It can be something as simple as making a dish you’ve never made before. Or as intricate as planning to go to space. Or a different country.

What do you have now?

What can you do?

What are your limitations?

And how can you get past them?

Think about it. Personally, I have a list of affirmations that I wrote to specifically combat certain challenges that I face. I wrote it after seeing a person I truly respect say it. It’s regarding;

  • Self love and Confidence.
  • Mental Wellness.
  • Emotional Wellness.
  • Spiritual wellness and
  • Physical and Financial Wealth.

I wrote it but I added some more titles so it’s very comprehensive. And it was so needed.

Alternatively or additionally, you can write things related to your;

  • self concept
  • Career pursuits
  • Relationships

You absolutely do not have to keep thinking the way you were thinking. Set a goal for yourself, and every part of you, from your body to your soul, your imagination should be focused, completely on that goal. Inhabit it. Dream consciously of it. Breathe it.

It’s so incredibly difficult to get anywhere new when our thought life is stagnant. Anyone else noticed that? Change your thoughts. Imagine something more beautiful than where you currently are. And keep imagining it.

May all our lives be beautiful 🙏🏼

Neville Goddard on Manifesting


If you want me to release my affirmations, just leave me a comment stating that.

Thank you!

Kisses and hugs,


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