My name is Obianuju. I was an incredibly anxious and depressed person for a great part of my life but now, I am very happy to say, that is no longer the case.

In this blog, I will share how I overcame my anxiety and depression, increased my strength and stamina, and now look at the world with hope, love, and joy.

I, however, am not a medical professional. I am just sharing my personal experiences. If you find that an article is in conflict with what a medical professional says, please leave me a comment and do what the medical professional says. I am also learning and I would love to know where I am wrong as well.

Thank you, very much in advance.

P.S.- It truly does not matter where you currently are or what situation you’re in. If you are here; you can be helped.

The name of this blog is Equilibrada. And it signifies my deepest hope for you guys: Balance. I want you to be balanced. I want you to look to the future, not with fear or apprehension, but with a smile on your face. I want you to never consider that your yesterdays are better than your tomorrows.

#Thechainsarebroken #youarefree

With love and balance,