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We become what we don’t forgive – Isabel Holland Silent killers of relationships, marriages and friendships. The most destructive feeling in the world. One of them anyway. I asked ChatGPT for some help writing this because it felt like if I didn’t connect on this blog today, I would still be struggling to write this article by December. I don’t want that. A Resentment and Its Impact on Mental Health…


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Please forgive me. I’ve been absent for a long time. I found out about the death of a very good friend at the beginning of June and it messed with my head a little bit. I promise to get back into posting very soon. I just need to gather myself some more. Thank you very much. I appreciate every single one of you


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In the case of loneliness and violence, there is a correlation between both variables. Lonely people are more than likely to be violent than people who are not. However, this does not imply causation. It is important to take into account immediate issues