Portable Power Stations and Spanish Music

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A couple of hours ago I wanted to shed hot tears. See, I had written this 2,374 word article. Perfectly punctuated and formatted. Slow paced, with jokes and satire running through it and then while I was writing the meta description on WordPress, the story someway, somehow, de todas maneras disappeared. 😭

I panicked. It was an old story I’d written earlier. I could replicate it but it would be very difficult. Extremely difficult. πŸ™†πŸΎ I’d have to strain my brain to remember details of the story and I just didn’t want to do that. It was much easier to panic. I know you know that feeling. πŸ˜’.

I called WordPress out. I spoke with a friend 😘. I researched how portable power stations work and listened to Spanish music on YouTube (Tu SueΓ±o by Influencia and a couple of old favourites. Andrea Rocha is amazing!✨). I’ve always loved baltering to the songs at 3am … and 3pm.

IMG SRC = Definition of Balter. Portable Power Stations and Spanish Music - www.equilibrada.xyz
IMG SRC = Definition of Balter. Portable Power Stations and Spanish Music – https://equilibrada.xyz

I followed up with some learning on Udemy. I chatted with someone about a question I had. I lived life and breathed air, knowing that someday, I’d get there.

You see, earlier in the year, yes, this year 2024, I’d bragged about handling a situation in a way that made me proud of myself. I have gone on to handle more situations like that, in the same vein and I was not about to shy away from making me, proud of ME.

When I bragged, I set a time limit for my anger and bad feelings – 4 hours.

In those 4 hours, I was allowed to be cranky, bitchy, moody, an average basket case (privately though 🌝). I was allowed to rage and scream and be angry. But once those 4 hours were up, I needed to get over it and do something (more) productive with my life and time.

And I did it.

I thought about meditating 🧘🏽but chose to take deep breaths instead. I turned off the generator because the Neps had brought electricity back (Up the Neps! I hate how we’ve gotten used to living in dysfunction though), I stretched and extended my legs in a clockwise position and did a deep squat. I did some deep lower back stretches. On the bare floor because I don’t have an exercise matπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. Someday, I’ll do a cartwheel. But it won’t be today.

And now, before I put my phone on DND (I’m planning to do some deep work while there’s light), I’m going to make a blog post to brag about myself some more because my name is Obianuju and I’m awesome.

If you’re reading this, go be awesome today.

I give you permission.

πŸ«‚ & 😘.

❀️ & πŸ’‘.

X & O.


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